Kilrea Denture Clinic
As a personal project, I created a new brand for Kilrea Denture Clinic. With the goal of creating a brand that provides smiles everyone can be proud of, I set out to create a modern trustworthy visual identity.
Through research and meticulous design, I was able to create an identity that communicates a modern denture practice that is professional and elegant. The clean lines of the word mark draw the eye inwards, while the logo symbol supports the recognition of the denture industry. The visual identity ensures that the business stands out from the competition while promoting a sense of professionalism for their clients. 
Infographic Design Process
The purpose of the Denture Care and Maintenance infographic is to visually display meaningful patient education. By incorporating the clinic's brand and design elements the infographic becomes part of the Kilrea's branding strategy. Over time, patients associate the information provided in the infographic with the clinic reinforcing brand recall. Instilling trust, consistency in communication, marketing and promotion as well as ownership and authority in the topic.